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Is it too late?

Yes! The horses are already out so closing the barn door won't prevent the occurrence...

Such is the case for those who fail to plan for fortuitous events in the business world which may ultimately influence, not only their day-to-day operations, but their very survival.

The goal of risk management is to take that pre-emptive move to examine what's at stake in the operational environment of an enterprise and make plans for the unexpected.

Risk can be handled in a number of different ways but, to ignore it, can be costly.

Investing in a thorough operational risk assessment allows the businessowner to capture the big picture and make informed decisions on how best to allocate - and conserve - resources.

It's all about managing expectations. Don't let the refrain of the disgruntled claimant become yours: 'It's either not covered, or below the deductible!'

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