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Central Analysis Bureau - The Trucking Underwriter's Insight to Your Operation

For transportation concerns, underwriters call upon various tools to give them a better picture of an organization's operational procedures and - ultimately - their level of safety compliance and adherence to the FMCSA's standards.

By accessing CAB information and comparing data shown with those on display via SAFER and VITAL, underwriting can determine a risk's preponderance for rule compliance and whether - or not - they desire to extend an offer on the risk financing for the fleet.

Your ability to secure favorable terms for the placement of your fleet coverage is determined by your willingness to seek proper risk management advice designed to enhance your position with the marketplace.

Our services include:

*Driver Improvement Strategies

*Cost of Risk Analysis

*Recruitment Rationale

*Technology Placements

*Safety Consulting name a few!

Call Jay @ 205-530-8538 or email him for more inforrmation.


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